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If they made an action flick about January movies, it might be called “When Conventional Wisdoms Collide.”

Two truisms that critics hold dear — mainstream films released in January suck; movies not screened in advance for critics suck — slam headlong into each other right about now. That metaphorical perfect storm is even more violent this year, since four of the seven major flicks released this month will open unscreened.

The latest offender is “I, Frankenstein.” It will open Friday (actually, Thursday night) unseen by critics, following in the footsteps of “Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones,” “The Legend of Hercules” and “Devil’s Due.” And “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” counts as half a no-show, since it was screened on a Wednesday night, a tactic designed to suppress opening-day reviews.

This means that my new year almost always starts with the tedious task of writing no-show blurbs for the Friday mySA Weekend section and early-warning blog posts like this. Both are tiresome and repetitive, but they’re meant to be valuable public-service/consumer alerts to warn movie-goers of potentially awful movies.

You have to stay vigilant. Especially when the no-shows rack up Tomatometer scores of 38 (“Marked Ones”), 3 (“Hercules”) and 17 (“Devil’s Due”).

“I, Frankenstein” had no-show written all over it from the get-go. Starring Aaron Eckhart as the title monster, it has a strong connection to the “Underworld” franchise, which routinely hides its movies from critics. And it has had three release dates (it had been set to come out last February and September) and two format conversions. Filmed in 2012, it was converted to 3-D last year, and then remastered in the IMAX format to boot.

These issues don’t always signal trouble, but they certainly aren’t positive indicators.

It’s not true that movies that ARE screened for critics are always better than the no-shows. Cases in point — “Ride Along” and “The Nut Job” (which I initially thought was an adult-video title) — got terrible reviews. But they finished 1-2 among new movies at the box office last weekend, while “Devil’s Due” bombed. So there.

Was it P.T. Barnum (or maybe Jerry Jones) who said, “Bad publicity is better than no publicity”?

(Footnote: This shot of the ripped, stitched-together Eckhart reminds me of Madeline Kahn’s line from “Young Frankenstein,” perhaps the greatest of all Frankenstein movies. “You little zipper-neck,” she says playfully after her first round of monster sex).